Day 10 (R1D10)

Somehow I made it through a whole work week and didn’t even post…life has been a tad busy…

I made it through “I need a nap”, “my pants are tight”…and now am in the midst of “the hardest days”.  I need all of good vibes to get through the weekend!  All I keep thinking is that in about a week, I may be feeling some Tiger Blood!

All in all, I think the plan is going really well for me!!  I purposely force myself to think about cheese or pasta or sweets…and in all honesty, I’m satisfied enough with what I’m eating that those ideas come and go with no second thoughts about them.  I’m lucky that the first few days of this didn’t bring any awful symptoms.  I think I felt a little fuzzy headed, but thankfully never any major sugar withdrawal effects – woo hoo!

I think I’m going to take a break from daily posts about my food, unless its something I REALLY want to share…like a recipe or a particularly good meal.  I post every meal to my Instagram account (link above), so I think most of this will focus on my experience, how I feel, tips and tricks with my favorite gadgets and how I’m making my way through.

Have a happy whole weekend!

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