First Weekend – Days 4 & 5 (R1D4 & D5)

So the days of “kill all the things” landed on a weekend, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.  Saturday  morning started off ROUGH after a late night, many wakeups and a VERY early morning (4:30 what?) with our 2.5-year old…so I had lot against me rolling into this “fun” phase.

imageOnce the morning got rolling, I made a very simple breakfast and a BIG coffee.  I quickly steamed the asparagus, scooped out the avocado, fried up an egg, and warmed up the rest (well, not the pineapple…which my daughter ended up eating anyway).




imageAs we were doing things around the house before having family over in the afternoon, I put a spaghetti squash in the oven and tomato sauce on the stove (both recipes are from the Whole30 book)…and both delicious!  Heated up the leftover pork for the last time, along with asparagus again…and added on cataloupe and walnuts.

Weekend eating has always been VERY tough on me…  If I was to have breakfast, it would’ve been right away or mid-morning…which doesn’t help in getting lunch done at the right time and then dinner comes quick after full weekend days…so I’m willing to bet now that I look back, I over-ate a lot on weekends.  And lunches especially would be done on a whim…and never very great for me.  I’ve never been a big fast food person, that’s a good thing…so my idea of a fast food lunch on a weekend would be Subway – not awful, but what was I filling myself with?  Not at all close to the nutrition I now get with each meal!

We had a bunch of family over for my Mom’s birthday Saturday afternoon and thankfully we planned a Whole30 meal as my Mom, sister and brother-in-law have successfully completed their programs and continue on them in their own way…but also because I’m only just starting…  With kids running around and bellies rumbling, we served up as as soon as we could and I didn’t end up snapping a pic of my food.  It was fantastic though – I filled my plate up with Delmonico steak, grilled shrimp, green beans and a potato with dump ranch.  So good, and tomorrow morning I get to have steak and eggs for breakfast thanks to that delicious dinner!  I did skip out on the dessert, strawberry shortcake, and opted for a decaf coffee with coconut oil.

Sunday morning we woke up to snow – SNOW IN APRIL!  I’ve had enough.  Thankfully sleep was better, so I woke feeling much better about the day…but it really seemed like no matter what we did, my child wasn’t happy.  So the day was a struggle – was it a “kill all things” day?  Not really…but  man, it wasn’t easy either…  I think I’m also starting to feel the day 6 effects of “I need a nap”.  That should be fun since it falls on a MONDAY.

imageBreakfast was mostly leftovers as usual…only having to cook the eggs up.  Green beans, broccoli, egg roll in a bowl and sweet potatoes.  I don’t know why it feels so strange to eat such savory non-breakfast things for breakfast, but it does!  I’ve been an adult for long enough, but have always stuck to true breakfast foods.  Why not just eat what you like and what your body wants?



imageWhen my sister visited on Saturday for my Mom’s birthday, she arrived with compliant kielbasa for me!!  Sounds so simple, but it made me so happy.  For some reason, my grocery store doesn’t sell the compliant kielbasa that the same chain carries just a few miles away!  So from now on, my sister will be my kielbasa supplier.  So I was certain to make it part of a meal this weekend – cooked it up for lunch, along with leftover potato and green beans from last night’s dinner, some dump ranch, grapes and and walnuts rounded up this tasty lunch.  Although I seemed hungrier leading up to dinner more than usual…

As I said earlier, we woke to snow today – but I couldn’t stop sneezing…my allergies were INSANE.  But really?  Allergies with snow outside??  My sister mentioned that this could very well be part of my detox – well, I don’t like it one bit!!!  Even a dose of Zyrtec was unsuccessful.

Since it was Sunday, it was time to get some prep done for the next few days…so I made the guacamole from the Whole30 book (yum!) and roasted some veggies:image      image


For dinner, I made one of my pre-Whole30 favorites…a balsamic chicken slow cooker meal that I would serve over spaghetti.  I figured it couldn’t hurt to try the recipe without the 1 teaspoon of sugar (the only non-compliant ingredient) the recipe listed…and it was just as delicious as always.  So for me, I served it over spaghetti squash, added green beans, a garden salad with dump ranch and some cashews for crunch – all very satisfying.  The chicken recipe can be found HERE.

So I made it through the “kill all things” phase…hopefully…  And I’m glad to say that for 5 days, I have remained on plan and am forging ahead.  My breakfast plate for tomorrow is made up and ready to be heated – not a bad way to start a Monday!  Thanks for reading!

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