Day 3 (R1D3)

Happy Friday – here we go again!  Day 3 started off early thanks to my toddler, but it didn’t take long to look forward to breakfast!  With the weekend ahead, I plan to cook up some of my favorites so that throughout the week, I’m mostly heating up sides.  I have found that if I create my breakfast plate the night before as I’m putting dinner away, it saves a LOT of time in the morning.  So before I went to bed on day 2, my breakfast plate was ready to go (not including the eggs, avocado, or dump ranch).

imageBreakfast:  chicken & apple sausage, 2 eggs, 1/2 of an avocado, steamed broccoli, sweet potatoes with dump ranch, zoodles and strawberries (which ended up being eaten by my daughter)…  I definitely prefer a small amount of different veggies on one plate instead of just one or two – hopefully I can keep up on the prep so it continues to be so easy!



Thank goodness for leftovers from the last few days/nights…makes for an easy lunch!  I really can’t get enough of the random butternut squash puree I accidentally made yesterday, so will be making that “recipe” again soon!

Lunch = chicken salad on greens, butternut squash, baked fries with dump ranch and raw cashews…I LOVE cashews!



Friday mornings are when I take my trip to Sam’s Club after daycare drop-off.  For the last 1.5 years, I’ve had the premium membership…SO worth the money because you can shop for HOURS before the store opens!  So the place is always dead and I can fly around and get out of there in about 15 minutes…  Today was my first trip since starting Whole30 and if I thought I used to buy a lot of produce, holy heck do I buy ALL the produce now!

imagePictured here:  2 pounds peppers, 2 pounds avocados, 2 pounds lemons, 2 pounds strawberries, 1 pound blueberries, 2 pounds green beans, 3 pounds asparagus, 5 pounds carrots, 6 pounds of apples, 8 pounds of sweet potatoes, not pictured…3 pounds of bananas.  No this will not be a weekly occurrence, but some of these may!




Have I talked enough about leftovers?  Thank goodness for them, because they made up part of dinner tonight…  I started cooking Egg Roll in a Bowl once my daughter was in bed, but then the sleep refusal kicked in and I found myself in her room for over an hour…  Once I finally had a moment to eat, I had already throw broccoli in the microwaves and had leftover pork to heat up.  Not the perfect plate, but it did the job.

Earlier in the evening, I had made my daughter a homemade pizza – I’m just proud of myself that I didn’t dive into those leftovers after the night I had…

So here comes the first weekend on Whole30 – lots of prep ahead and definitely some good eats.


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